Why Choose Us...For Your Safety!

24 hours...7 days per week

Safety Service

Corver Marine Safety specializes and provides all Fire Fighting & amp; Marine Appliances, whenever & wherever you might need it.

Full Maintenance

Equipped to Service & Refurbish Life Boats, Life Rafts, Fire fighting appliances, Breathing Air units and calibration of Portable Gas Monitors.

24/7 Availability

Our Full Service concept is about focusing on a full service programme for you, 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Our Code of Conduct

As a service operating business, Corver Marine Safety BV is committed to meet the fundamental basic obligations it to its employees, partners, customers and suppliers and also to meet our at the most internal high level of quality in service partners.

This commitment is based on fundamental basic precepts and own standards which are made to ensure all safety aspects to our employees, personnel on board, vessels safety and customers satisfaction.

Quality of knowledge

All personnel * on the job * and in the office are professional and well trained in the field safety services for the relevant equipment.

The service engineers are for various manufacturers equipment trained and certified. Our company principal for service works is * safety First * -if you don’t know, you don’t touch.

Continuous update of regulations and attendance of manufacturers training cources ensures to keep maximum of knowledge to our service engineers and office operators.

Quality of Safety

To avoid any harm to our service engineers and to crew of ships safety, we strictly follow the national/international requirements and regulations. In any case manufacturers guidelines are mandatory and will be applicable at any time.

Setting the Quality Standard and approved in EN ISO 9001 basis, is ensuring the Quality of safety in our work.

Quality of Service

Well trained service engineers and office operators with a long term practice and understanding in the field of safety services are our fundamental requirements for our high quality in service.

A fully equipped workshop and motor pool which is our basic understanding high quality of service to our customers.

Our main target is to carry out all safety inspections to our customers’s full satisfaction in efficient and liable manner.

James Corver Chief Executive Officer CMS B.V.
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